Shotokan Karate for Kids

Friendships, Confidence, Self-Defense - Every Child Deserves to be a Champion!  

Oceanside NY Karate Classes for Kids!

Our Karate classes build Self Confidence, give children the outlet they need to achieve better grades in school, and is a great way to pluck them out from in front of the television and introduce them to new friends and important values! 

Martial Arts for Bullying

The most important step to prevent bullying is self confidence.  At Adels International Karate Center of New York your children will learn to become more outgoing and learn important social skills that many kids lose behind phones, computers and television.  On top of self confidence, kids will learn fundamental Karate skills to safely defend themselves if ever confronted physically by a bully.  

Martial Arts for Excercise

Karate is an amazingly fun way to stay active and keep kids in shape!  Karate has been PROVEN to build muscle, improve cardiovascular function, and help achieve/maintain a healthy weight.

Martial Arts for School and Better Grades

Our Shotokan Karate Classes help to sharpen your mind and improve problem solving abilities.  This will help to transfer into schoolwork and give your child advanced tools to achieve better grades!