Shihan Adel Elbehiry


6th Degree Blackbelt Shihan Adel Elbehiry has studied and trained in Shotokan karate for 35 years. He began his studies in 1979 with Shihan Hossnei Gaber. The lineage of Shihan's training is as follows: Shihan Gaber studied under Shihan Master Hideki Okamoto, who was a JKA Black Belt, 8th Dan, Shihan Okamoto was taught under Master Nakayama, and Master Nakayama studied under Master Gichin Funakoshi. It was Master Funakoshi who was the founder of Shotokan karate.

Shihan Adel has participated in national and international events and has placed in numerous competitions. In 1990, Shihan became certified by the Olympic Committee to train and coach athletes. In 1993, he completed his college study of law and in 1996 he relocated to the United States. At this time, Shihan Adel became affiliated with Shihan Kai Leung’s Shotokan Karate-DO which is associated with Master Shihan Toyotaro Miyazaki’s organization. Shihan studied with Shihan Leung as well as competed and instructed students in the dojo. In addition, he trained a select group of students who later became United States National Karate team members, like Doug Pelinkovic.

In 1998, Shihan Adel branched out on his own and opened the International Karate Center of New York, located on Long Island, in Oceanside, NY, and associated himself with Tokey Hill, the coach of the USA National Karate team. His training experience led him to assist Tokey Hill in coaching and training the New York State Karate Competition team, as well as assist him in coaching and training the USA team in Chile in the 2000 Pan American Games.

Shihan Adel is a devoted husband and father of three young children ages 9, 5, and 6 months. He is proud of the fact that his older daughter and son follow in his footsteps by studying karate. It is through karate training that children develop respect, discipline, and self-confidence.